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This family tree chart is a work in progress.

The Warham name was first found in Dorsetshire around 1150 where they were 'Lords of the Manor' from very ancient times. The spelling of the name varies through Waram, Warram, Warham, Wareham. This can be attributed to the literacy skills of the scribes of the time and to regional dialects.

It shold be noted that the language that was spoken at that time was quite different to that spoken today.

Wareham is still a popular market town situated between the river Frome and the river Piddle.

There is scant imformation surviving about the Wareham families between 1150 and 1435 so it is around 1420 where we shall begin this recording of the Family Tree.

Historic records show details of a Wareham family living at Malshanger; a small village just West of Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Here we find Robert Wareham and his wife Elizabeth. Two sons were born: William Warham born c.1450 at Malshanger also lived at Osmington for a while and travelled not only around England but also travelled parts of the continent. William became Archbishop of Canterbury crowning Henry the Eigth.

William's brother Hughe Wareham was born 1456 and knighted in 1523. Hughe married an heir of the Brocas family and they had a son they named William.

Once again family information becomes confusing, however the next key point that appears is around 1620 and a John Warham appears.It is possible that this John Warham belonged to the same family that seems to have included another John Warham and in 1641 a Henry Warham of Tarrant Monkton.

The second John Warham was a Reverend who sailed from Plymouth, England on a ship of the white sails fleet called the Mary and John, which included other such ships like the well known Mayflower, to America.

John lead a group of Puritans on 20th March 1630 arriving on 30th May 1630 at a Port near Boson which they called Dorchester, as the selected by Captain Squeb of the ship the Mary and John, who came from Dorchester England.

After a while they moved onto another area where they set ashore at Nantucket Point.

From this point, the Wareham families appear to have flourished and spread out to various areas but generically centering on Dorset. In this Journey i have attempted to display the families accurately using all information available to me.

Inentifably there may be discrepancies and the reader is asked to consider this information as a best analytical reference.

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