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Arched Gate Canterbury

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You can just see the Warham family crest displayed in the top left corner of the Christchurch gate archway at Canterbury Cathedral.

Can you help provide photographs of Warehams/Warhams or places of interest?

Please see 'Can you help' section bottom of this page.

Here is a closer view.
Warham Crest Canterbury The Warham Crest is in the top left of the gateway. The other side is that of Henry VIII.

Below, the stained glass window

in The Great Hall, Winchester.

You can see Archbishop Warham's

heraldry third down on the right hand side

A view of the roof inside the gateway.
Stepping inside the archway and looking to the roof, you can see the Warham Crest also at the rose points. The Great Hall Winchester
A close up of the Rose Point. Close up of the Warham Crest on the roof.  
William Warham William's tomb in Canterbury Cathedral.  
The Warham tomb in Croydon church - believed to be for Thomas Warham c.1480 and not for Hugh Warham as is often thought. Croydon Church Warham Tomb
Robert and Elizabeth Parents of William Warham
Robert and Elizabeth Warham, parents of William Warham Archbishop in Oakley.  
Malshangar tower, at the site of the birth place of William Warham.
Malshangar Tower birthplace of William Warham  
Grandad Sims
Grandad Edward Sims. Holy Rood, Southampton, Hampshire. 1864 My Great, Great Grandfather  
Grandma Sims
Grandma Alice Sims. St Marys, Southampton, Hampshire. 1865. Grandma Sims was mother to Granny Painter. My Great, Great Grandmother  
Bertie Painter This is Grandad Bertie Painter who married Adelaide Sims. My maternal Great, Great Grandfather  
Adelaide Painter nee Sims

This is Granny Painter (Adelaide Sims) who married Bertie Painter. Granny Painter was mother to Norah Painter, Nan. My Maternal Great, Great Grandmother

Christopher Raphael Pike This is Christopher Raphael Pike, (Pop). He married Norah Pike nee Painter (Nan). My Maternal Grandfather  
Norah Painter This is Norah Pike nee Painter, (Nan). Norah Painter was mother to Pamela Wareham nee Pike. My Maternal Grandmother  
Pamela Wareham nee Pike This is Pamela Wareham nee Pike, who married Bertie Wareham 1951. My mother  
Bertie Wareham This is Bertie Wareham born WImborne. My father  

Hubert Holdroyd Charles Wareham 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards.

Killed 31st July 1917 Passchendaele, Belgium.

Buried Artillery Wood Cemetery

Hubert is my Great Grand Uncle - Brother to my Grandfather Bertie Owen Wareham



In 2004 i took my Father to visit Hubert's grave in Artillery Wood Cemetery, Belgium for his 75th Brthday - a visit he has been 'dreaming of all his life'.  




Can you help?

Here is a list of photographs we would very much like to obtain. Do you know where these places are and could you possibly provide a photograph for our database? Thank you:

Memorial to Rev John Warham, Palisado Cemetery, Windsor, Hartford County, Connecticut, USA.

Any gravestones for Wareham's.

Any photographs of people by the name of Wareham.

Warham bridge, near Sutton Green, Surrey, England - apparently an Iron type foot bridge replaced a stone arched bridge many years ago. A picture of either would be great.