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The Moneypit

Chris Wareham So you know who you are talking with...

Chris Wareham Owner and Genealogist of the Wareham Project.

"When i was about 7 years old my father told me about the large number of family relations we had in the Bournemouth. I remember the moment fairly well in that there were aunties, uncles and cousins i never knew we had. This memory stuck with me all my life, however there was no way i could start research until 1995 when the internet came on line proper. So i built my first computer and began recording information.

As time went on i realised that there was a lot of information that i would be accumulating, so i built a database and began storing the information. I then undertook a Dreamweaver Web design course and have built my own web site, with a bit of help from my tutor whom i keep in contact with. Although the web site is basic, it works. The project has taken off big time and will reach its 21st anniversary in 2016.

During this time i have typed in every single record of the 28098 which is the current count. The whole archive amounts to 765 gigabytes of information.

Along the way i have made contact with around 150 people. Some of whom have been very helpful and we have exchanged information to the benefit of both parties. There are some people who have promised me information, then when i delivered it to them by email, i never heard anything from them, even though they promised info, photographs etc. These people i feel are rude and selfish; so now i only give little bits and await some info back before providing further info.

What's in the pipeline?

I am working on learning MS Access to transfer the whole database to from Lotus Approach software which i am currently using. I am teaching myself when i get the odd hour spare so this will take time. I am having trouble getting the guest book page working so i am looking at getting help with that one.

I also envisage a youtube account in the future with a view to creating some documentary films about my research.

I now have a relative who has offered to help with updating this web site, so i look forward to working with them.

Thank you for reading; good hunting!"


The Moneypit is the name of our house and it takes its name from the film with Tom Hanks and Shelley Long, in which a couple puchase an old house..........

the house in the film The Moneypit

...where everything they touch falls to pieces with some hilarious results.

When we purchased our house...........

The Moneypit in 1990

...we felt we were in a similar position. The house was empty; partially derelict and sadly neglected and everything we touched fell to pieces!

our house in 2000

It has taken us 24 years and as well as bringing up a family and pots of money to get shipshape. We are now on the last part of the project which is to finish repairing the roof. Then we can relax and enjoy it!!!

This is the latest picture of how it looked back in May 2008. Next new picture will be due in 2015 as soon as the weather breaks.

The Moneypit new picture