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Wareham family crest Red with a gold stripe (fess) between a goat’s head and in the base, three Shellfish. The Crest is: An armed man Holding a sword


Do you know the name:


Do you know someone with this name?



The purpose of this section is to share the information we have found out about our family trees and to ask YOU to help.

We have gathered lots of information which is being displayed in story format through the presentations, but we need more information.


.Did you know that 'WARUM' is German for 'Why?'!


We need your help.

Can you provide us with any information about Warehams?

If you know, or you have known, someone with the name WAREHAM or WARHAM, or the name has appeared somewhere you recall, please let us know.

We'd like to know what you know about Warehams/Warhams; who they were or who they are and if they would be interested in dicussing their family tree information.

There's the town of:

  • Wareham in Dorset
  • A town named after it in America
  • We've heard about a Warham House in London
  • There is a Warham road in Croydon
  • A Wareham House in Oxfordshire
  • A Wareham Street that was in Hoxton, London and is on Charles Booth's map of c.1898/9

Where else does it crop up? We'd like to hear from you

You may think the information you have is not important; this is not the case as it may be that you hold the key to areas of our research.

We are looking for any occasion or instance of the name Wareham/Warham or deviation in spelling. They are all important to us.


As part of the 'Wareham Project' we have designed a database containing as at 5th November 2018 38271 records.

Each record relates to a person of the name WAREHAM and dates from circa 1086 with a Hugh Wareham (Haduidis filia Nicholai De Baschelvilla, uxor Hugonis de Varham (Warham) fillii Griponis) to almost the present day and contains research information.

email envelope Please get in touch with us through the Contact us page . Thank you for your help.



In the search form (see link above in the Menu bar), you can enter information about any WAREHAM / WARHAM and we will gladly search our database to see if we have any information relating to the person you are looking for.

If we have, we will contact you.

All we ask in return is to provide us with any information you have about Wareham/ Warhams.

Lotus Approach Click here to see an example record.

A survey taken by HM Treasury in 1944 found frequent use of this surname.

The 1911 census carried out by H.M. Treasury for the UK shows the largest number of Wareham's in the county of Suffolk.

A late 18th century Wareham was noted as a keen drinker after police allegedly threw him out of no less than eight taverns in a single evening.

In 1881 a man called Greg Wareham was sent to prison for attacking another man.


Check out this presentation of some of the progress we have made so far. There is lots more information on the way but it takes time to corelate it all and prepare it for presenting, so please bear with us.

Family Tree Scroll being designed here

pdf Click Here to view presentation number One.

A link in Slide 7 Presentation One for a web site is not working due to the external web site being hacked and resources have been lost.

pdfClick Here to view presentation number Two.

pdfClick Here to view presentation number Three. (Currently under construction)


We are currently working on revised presentations and hope to have this ready for upload at the end of the Summer.


To view part of our family tree, displayed in Legacy 8 software, see below:

Note: you do not need to download any software, it will preview automatically, however if you do not have any software, we would like to recommend you try it here: http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/

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Genealogy Relationship Chart

Do you get confused about who is your 1st Cousin, 2nd Cousin, Cousins removed etc?

Check out this relationship chart.

In square 1:1, identify who your common ancestor is. Follow the line down the left until you reach yourself (i.e. are you child, gandchild etc).

Then follow the row across the top for the other relative until you reach their 'place'.

Then find the corresponding square by following the two lines into the grid and the square you both meet on is your relationship.

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Other researchers

I have come across many other Wareham researchers since beginning this project, many of whom have their own opinions and judgements about the data quality of the information that is available.

The information provided in these presentations is as accurate as I can ascertain. I have analysed the data and questioned its source and content and have not just accepted what is there on face value.

However, if you feel there is an error in the detail or the translation, please let me know; but if you do, you need to back up your comment with hard evidence that can be referenced. We have had a few emails where details have been challenged based on hearsay or common errors in the data.

Assumptions have been made by a few researchers, with good intent, however some have fallen foul of the basic rule of checking the source of the data and have accepted what other people have told them as truth, when it is clearly incorrect.

We are not here to prove other research is incorrect; this is not a challenge! All the data included on this website is based on factual evidence held in our archives.

If you wish to discuss your research, we’d be glad to - objectively and without judgement, for mutual benefit. 

Thankyou, Good Hunting. Smiley Face Yellow

Enjoy the story as it builds over the coming months and if you can help, please contact us.
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