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Police Hunt Club Worker 13th March 2017

  • Genealogy - information about our WAREHAM, GARWOOD, CRAIG family trees; we take you on an interesting journey back in time and reveal our ancestors as we build our trees
Last updated: Monday, November 5, 2018
  • Training- Chris Wareham Assoc CIPD is an experienced Training Facilitator, Training Designer and is a Learning and Development and Competency Specialist

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20th November 2017

We have had issues with this website for a while and we have now been offered support to fix them. The plan is to transfer the website build into a LINUX environment and to recreate the website. This should help fix the issues we are experiencing with some other benefits such as adding remote access to the databases.

There is a huge amount of data that is waiting to be uploaded and i hope to redesign the Fomat it is delivered in. Thank you again for your patience.



4th June 2017

We apologise for the errors on this website. We hope to have the issues resolved as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.




24th August 2015

Finally got someone to help with this web site. Issues to be addressed are:

1. Database rear end for guest book

2. Layout formatting issues

3. Media embedding issues

4. Live link for embedded media player

5. Skype embedding for live chat

6. Clock auto adjust for GMT - BST

I hope to achieve these around Summer 2018.

Thank you for your patience.


12th December 2014

The transfer of the database from Lotus to MS Approach is underway. Issues resolved so far:

1. File sharing lock count exceeded. Increase MaxLocksPerFile registry entry - resolved

2. Mis alignment of data transfer - rows have become mis-matched during transfer - ongoing

3. Error pasting tracking - three incidents of failure to paste correct data into some rows. Issue was the use of ? in the text cell - resolved


10th December 2014

The website has been down for a couple of weeks due to us moving to a new hosting server. There are a couple of minor issues to resolve, so please bear with while we address these. Thank you

20th February 2014

For information our Genealogical Database has now passed 27,000 records. We have been doing some quality control and found a few duplicate records that took us back below the 26000 mark late in 2012.

We are currently attempting to transfer the database from Lotus Approach into MS Access 2013 although there are technical issues which we need help with. Once this transfer has been completed and all is working well, it will provide a more powerful tool for accessing and cross referencing the data.

We recieved 22 enquiries during 2012 which is almost 2 per month :-)) Thankyou.

We received 11 enquiries during 2013 a drop of 50% to almost 1 per month based on 2012, but the enquries are still coming. Thankyou.

Can you help with obtaining some photographs, please? See the bottom of the photographs page here


25nd February 2012

Please note our policies section - especially section 8 The Law: We have recieved some enquiries where just a name and another piece of information has been provided, E.g. JASON 1986, where the enquirer is obviously seeking a living person's whereabouts. This web site is intended mainly for genealogical research and we will not entertain providing details of any living Wareham to any enquirer without the subject's explicit consent, so PLEASE DO NOT ASK. The details we hold of living Warehams are held in an electronic address book and are used purely for genealogical related contact only and the info is held with the subject's permission. Any request for information, especially about children, may well be passed to the relevant authorities to deal with.

We are in the process of information gathering to compile a book of our findings. Do you have any interesting information about Warehams or the Wareham name that we could include? We will of course reference the owner of the information if it is included.


25th February 2012

Please note the 'Friends and Links' page 4