Hi, I’m Chris Wareham. The reason this site came about is founded in one of my earliest memories; when I was about 7 years old my father explained to me about our ‘large’ family that lived in Dorset. He knew there were quite a few relatives but it wasn’t until I began my research in 1995, that it eventually became clear just how many relatives there were/are or how far back we might trace the family line.

In 1995 the Internet came within my reach but there was very little to be seen. The only benefit in those early days was the ability to make email contact with Warehams around the world. As i began researching, i realised that i was obtaining information about Warehams that, whilst not directly relevant at that time, i thought it may be useful in the future; I therefore decided a database in which to store all the information would be ideal; so this project evolved. The project is still ongoing with much to do. There are no end-game goals as such, other than to see how far can we go.

The aim is to use the database as the core archive from which to create and maintain a ‘library’ of individuals with the name Wareham* to enable the linking of people within the database to their relative families by means of linking names, dates and locations.

As the information ‘comes in’, it is checked and compared to the information held in the database for the subject name; the information is compared to ensure we do not already have it; if not then it is analysed to confirm that its source is a reliable and trusted source and if it passes this test, then the new information is added to the record then it is archived to that subjects file.

If the information relates to my direct family, I will then add the new information to our family tree in Legacy9 (C) database.

Of special interest to us, is any information relating to the 101 Soldiers with the name WAREHAM who gave their lives in WW1 and WW2, Boer War and Crimean War. I have also found a relative who was killed in the Boer Wars and whose grave I have just found recently in South Africa (2019).

We are now at the stage of linking the Wareham family trees together one-by-one and are making great progress in that the original vision of 1995 is becoming reality. We have linked Wareham families that ‘you’ would not think were directly related, however the evidence is providing amazing results.

We have found three examples of how the Warham name has evolved into Wareham and Whareham. We have even been provided with photographs and information indirectly from people who have recognised the family name, got in touch and have been so very supportive.

This method of research, analysis, quality check, storage and recording is actually proving to work quite well indeed.

Good Hunting!

Chris Wareham

December 2020

(*or Warham – the name is mainly interchangeable and is due to the scripter who made the records.)