Brickwall smashed – June 2021

On tracing my paternal line i came to a complete stop with my 8 x Great-Grandfather Joseph Wareham of which the only record found was a Parish Record that showed Joseph married a Betty; I found their three children, however there was no other records about Joseph.

This situation remained unchanged from 2001 until 2017 when, on a visit to the ‘Who do you think you are’ live event at Birmingham, which luckily was not too busy with visitors, i found i could book a free 15 Minute slot with an expert to ask advice. I did this and within the hour i was sat with the expert; i explained the situation and she gave me some options.

One of which, she was sure, that if i could find a Wareham WILL, it should help give me a clue or an answer. The WILL could be from anyone around Joseph’s immediate family, however as i did not know any of his siblings or parents, and could not find any for his children, i began a logical search of the Wareham WILLS of which i knew i had saved copies of, in my incoming archives and so far unread.

Within two hours of starting the search at home that same evening i found Joseph! Unbelievable; i had him in my archive of documents, that i was slowly working through, all that time.

I found a John Wareham in a local village that when John wrote or had his WILL written, he directly mentioned his Brother Joseph in the village his bother lived in. Perfect! It all matched.

As i then found John’s parents and therefore Joseph’s, quite easily, this opened the door to a whole new family group, which if it had not been for the WILL, i probably would never have the evidence to link the family groups.

Key message: never give up; plan a logical search and search with a fine tooth comb; think of different angles to approach the problem with and think about getting advice to help you solve the brick wall.

Good Hunting!


Backup – near disaster – May 2021

So the transfer of all data from the old Lotus Approach 97 Database has achieved its first step. The data has now been transferred to Access Database and i am now able to update the records again. I had to stop updating in October 2019 as my amazing I.T. guru needed a snapshot of all data as it was on the day.

I can say that there is still work to do to provide further functionality, however it looks and feels great.

This is a stepping stone phase as Microsoft have discontinued support for MS Access; so a future phase will be to find an Access Replacement and to upgrade to new software; what this is or turns out to be will become clear when the time comes, but at least now the data is in a Format that will make the upgrade much simpler.

So, onwards Sir Honkers, we have work to do! 🙂

Good Hunting!


Genealogy Research – January 2021

What have we achieved? – Backing up electronic copies of research files can be a simple process if you get it right. But when you get it wrong, it is soul destroying! A few days ago I undertook my monthly back of all my research files. Usually this goes without any issues, however on this occasion I made a serious error. I had both Windows open but i managed to copy some backup files to my working files instead of the other way around.

About 10 minutes into the update I noticed that the backup was going back to front; It was just in time to stop the backup and checking on the damage done, i saw it had overwritten my 101 Soldiers files. I then began the process of rebuilding the files 1 by 1 and that overall, only 6 files were damaged.

The cause was probably tiredness and I have put in place some process steps to ensure it will not happen again. I have also found out that in Windows 10 the Previous Versions backup option was not switched on. I didn’t even know i had to turn it on manually!
Hey ho! – a lesson learned.

Good Hunting!