In Memorium of the 98 Warehams who gave their lives during World War l (57), World War ll (39), Boer War (1), Crimean War – Charge of the Light Brigade (1)

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Wareham, Albert 6789 KIA 28th January 1916 9th Queens Royal Lancers Buried (Photo accredited CWGC)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56590272

Albert Wareham 6789 Vermelles Cemetery, France

Wareham, Albert 10958 KIA 3rd December 1917 Wiltshire Regiment Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12535240

Albert Wareham 10958 Hooge Crater Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium

Wareham, Albert R/110831 KIA 30th July 1942 Royal Canadian Air Force Buried (Photo accredited to Albert’s Family)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 125099000

Albert Wareham R/110831 Rivers Cemetery, Manitoba, Canada

Wareham, Albert Edward 204118 KIA 1st November 1914 Royal Navy Leading Seaman MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56709024

Albert Edward Wareham 204118 MISSING Royal Naval Memorial, Southsea Common, Hampshire

Wareham, Albert Michael 2622118 KIA 25th September 1944 Grenadier Guards Buried (Photo accredited to unknown)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 18429914

Albert Michael Wareham 2622118 Uden War Cemetery, Netherlands

Wareham, Alfred 9971 KIA 26th September 1916 Dorsetshire Regiment MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12375142
(Related to Reginald Charles Wareham and Sidney Charles Wareham)

Alfred Wareham 9971 MISSING – Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, Alfred George 1445 KIA 7th July 1916 Royal Fusiliers MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12375140

Alfred George Wareham 1445 MISSING – Thiepval Memorial, France

 Wareham, Alice Killed Hastings 11th March 1943 Hastings County Borough, Hastings, Sussex Civillian (Unknown if Buried or Cremated or Missing)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 58181670

Wareham, Arthur 25646 KIA 3rd May 1917 Leicestershire Regiment MISSING Remembered (Brother to Harry Wareham)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 124958345

Arthur Wareham 25646 MISSING Arras Memorial, (Panel 5), France

Wareham, Arthur Lamont Hastie LT/X18289A KIA 13th June 1944 Royal Naval Reserve Patrol Service Leading Seaman MISSING Remembered (Photo accredited to unknown)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 13830759

Arthur Lamont Hastie Wareham LT/X18289A MISSING – Lowestoft Memorial

Wareham, Bernard William 1164194 KIA 13th October 1941 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 15114731

Bernard William Wareham 1164194 Dinant Military Cemetery, Belgium

Wareham, Bert 552785 KIA 14th April 1917 London Regiment Queens Westminster Rifles MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 124958351

Bert Wareham 552785 MISSING – Arras Memorial, France

Wareham, Bertram Edmund 1703303 KIA 22nd May 1944 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 15265677

Bertram Edmund Wareham 1703303 MISSING – Runneymede Memorial

Wareham, Claude Augustus 26839 KIA 3rd April 1918 Dorsetshire Regiment Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 216124659

Claude Augustus Wareham 26839 St Mary and St Bartholomew, Church Cemetery, Cranborne, Dorset

Wareham, Charles 17531 KIA 19th November 1915 Hampshire Regiment Buried Azmak Cemetery, Suvla, Turkey (Grave photo requested)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56396081

Wareham, Charles 38299 KIA 30th August 1917 Royal Horse Artillery Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 17667007

Charles Wareham 38299 Brookwood Military Cemetery, Woking

Wareham, Charles Henry 4536 KIA 2nd March 1916 East Surrey Regiment Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 13807748

Charles Henry Wareham 4536 Menin Road South Military Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium

Wareham, Clement Patrick Stephen Serjeant 20211 KIA 30th September 1940 New Zealand Artillery, Buried (Photo accreditation to darealjolo)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 133762854

Clement Patrick Stephen Wareham 20211 Lenham Cemetery, Kent

Wareham, Donald 1607715 KIA 7th October 1945 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 68008804

Donald Wareham 1607715 Rennes Eastern Communal Cemetery, France

Wareham, Douglas LT/X195264 KIA 30th September 1941 Royal Naval Patrol Service Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 59985093

Douglas Wareham LT/X195264 Tynemouth Preston Cemetery, Newcastle Upon Tyne

Wareham, Edgar 300699 KIA 30th August 1918 Manchester Regiment MISSING Remembered (Photo accredited to: Simon Tiron )
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56673030

Edgar Wareham 300699 MISSING Vis En Artois Memorial, France

Wareham, Edward Graham (Officer) KIA 10th May 1915 Australia Infantry A.I.F. MISSING Remembered (Photo accredited Imperial War Museum London)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56803135

Edward Graham Wareham Officer MISSING – Lone Pine Memorial, Turkey

Wareham, Edward James J94474 Died of Pneumonia 28th February 1919 Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 59987422

Edward James Wareham J94474 Weston Mill Cemetery, Devon

Wareham, Elias 88943 KIA 3rd May 1918 The Kings Liverpool Regiment MISSING Remembered
FindaGrave Memorial ID 15762310

Elias Wareham 88943 MISSING – Loos Memorial, France

Wareham, Elliott Frederick S/2578 KIA 30th October 1915 Rifle Brigade Buried (Photo accredited to Nancy Wright)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56071352

Elliott Frederick Wareham S/2578 Cabaret Rouge British Cemetery, Souchez, France

Wareham, Ernest 51913 KIA 29th December 1918 Royal Field Artillery Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 15123463

Ernest Wareham 51913 Buried Lives Sur Meuse Cemetery Belgium

Wareham, Ernest KIA 26th February 1943 Home Guard Buried (Photo accredited to DeeBee)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 54106632

Ernest Wareham Harrow (Pinner) New Cemetery, Middlesex

Wareham, Ernest George T2/017620 KIA 26th July 1915 Army Service Corps Buried Lancashire Landing Cemetery, Turkey (Photo requested)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56512530

Wareham, Ernest James 5504001 KIA 9th April 1943 Hampshire Regiment Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 55908437

Ernest James Wareham 5504001 Enfidaville War Cemetery, Tunisia, Africa

Wareham, Frank 25314 KIA 4th September 1918 Hampshire Regiment Buried (Photo accreditation to: jj83 )
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56566371

Frank Wareham 25314 Lembet Road Military Cemetery, Salonika

Wareham, Frank Edward 134370 KIA 5th July 1944 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried (My Second Cousin first removed)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 25026488

Frank Edwdard Wareham 134370 Marissel French National Cemetery, France

Wareham, Frederick S/17599 KIA 25th September 1918 Rifle Brigade Buried Plovdiv Central Cemetery Bulgaria (Photo requested)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 20952103

Wareham, Frederick William (Officer) KIA 1st July 1916 Royal Warwickshire Regiment MISSING Remembered (Photo accreditation Nancy Wright )
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12375141

Frederick William Wareham MISSING – Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, George Albert 1332649 KIA 3rd September 1943 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried (Photo accredited to geoffrey gillon)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 85681516

George Albert Wareham 1332649 South Ockenden Cemetery, Thurrock, Essex

Wareham, George F 15594 KIA 15th July 1917 Dorsetshire Regiment Buried Baghdad North Gate War Cemetery, Iraq (Photo requested however, highly unlikely due to where it is although reports suggest the cemetery is in surprisingly good condition)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12968323

Wareham, George Sidney 43925 KIA 1st November 1914 Royal Horse Artillery Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 12737121

George Sidney Wareham 43925 Ypres Town Cemetery Extension, Belgium

Wareham, George William Henry L/14294 KIA 17th March 1917 Royal Field Artillery Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56555155

George William Henry Wareham L/14294 Adanac Military Cemetery, France

Wareham, Gilbert SE/23123 KIA 9th November 1918 Army Veterinary Corps Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 56266603

Gilbert Wareham SE/23123 St Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen France

Wareham, Lewis Harold F/2117 KIA 1st October 1915 Royal Naval Air Service Buried
FindaGrave Memorial ID 15270187

Lewis Harold Wareham F/2117 Pieta Military Cemetery, Northern Harbour, Malta

Wareham, Harold Baxter J/19309 KIA 16th December 1943 Royal Canadian Air Force Buried

Harold Baxter Wareham J/19309 MISSING Cambridge City Cemetery, Cambridgeshire

Wareham, Harry h. 3/12045 KIA 13th March 1915 Leicestershire Regiment MISSING Remembered Brother to Arthur Wareham (Photo requested)

Wareham, Henry 30132 KIA 9th August 1916 Somerset Light Infantry Buried

Henry Wareham 30132 Essex Farm Cemetery, Ypres, Belgium

Wareham, Henry James 206552 KIA 28th October 1918 Rifle Brigade MISSING – Remembered Kirkee, India 1914-1918 Memorial (Photo requested)

Wareham, Herbert 14278691 KIA 7th November 1945 Royal Artillery Buried (Photo accredited to and76 )

Herbert Wareham 14278691 Milan War Cemetery, Italy

Wareham, Herbert Sydney 3593 KIA 4th July 1916 London Regiment Buried (Better photo requested)

Herbert Sydney Wareham 3593 Ecoivres Military Cemetery, Mont St Eloi, France

Wareham, Hubert Holroyd Charles 18837 KIA 31st July 1917 2nd Battalion Coldstream Guards Buried (Proud to say my Grand Uncle)

Hubert Holroyd Charles Wareham
18837 Artillery Wood Cemetery, Belgium

Wareham, J 14068976 Died 18th August 1946 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Buried Moston St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Cemetery, Manchester (Photo requested)

Wareham, Jack J 946672 KIA 18th February 1945 Royal Artillery MISSING Remembered

Jack J Wareham 946672 MISSING Rangoon Memorial, Burma (Myanmar)

Wareham, Jack Ringe 76694 KIA 7th November 1942 East Surrey Regiment Buried

Jack Ringe Wareham 76694 West End Holy Trinity Churchyard Lightwater, Surrey

Wareham, James 8753 KIA 11th December 1899 Coldstream Guards MISSING Suggested Buried. The family name on the memorial shown is missing the ‘E’. (Photo of the grave requested) Proud to say this was my Great Grand Uncle and Uncle to Hubert Holroyd Charles Wareham mentioned above

James Wareham
8753 Kimberley West End Cemetery and also remembered on the memorial there

Wareham, James 1527441 KIA 10th June 1942 Royal Artillery Buried Ranchi War Cemetery, India (Photo requested)

Wareham, James Serjeant 3530630 KIA 28th July 1944 Manchester Regiment Buried

James Wareham 3530630 Arezzo War Cemetery, Toscana, Italy

Wareham, James Albert (Serjeant) 5/37A KIA 20th May 1918 Buried

James Albert Wareham 5/37A Doullens Communal Cemetery Extension No.2, France

Wareham, James Stephen 8499 KIA 26th October 1914 10th Prince of Wale’s Own Royal Hussars MISSING Remembered

James Stephen Wareham 8499 MISSING Menin Gate Memorial, Ypres, Belgium

Wareham, Jesse Edwin George 3/8059 KIA 1st July 1916 Dorsetshire Regiment MISSING Remembered

Jesse Edwin George Wareham 3/8059 MISSING Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, John 43291 KIA 17th February 1917 Northamptonshire Regiment MISSING Remembered

John Wareham 43291 MISSING Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, John 602705 KIA 24th February 1917 Canadian Infantry Buried

John Wareham 602705
Fosse No. 10 Communal Cemetery Extension, Sains-En-Gohelle, France

Wareham, John Arthur 33408 KIA 27th May 1918 Royal Berkshire Regiment MISSING Remembered

John Arthur Wareham 33408 MISSING Soissons Memorial, France

Wareham, John Charles G/44708 KIA 17th Sept 1918 Middlesex Regiment Buried

John Charles Wareham G/44708 Portsmouth (Kingston) Cemetery, Hampshire

Wareham, John Harold Cortis S/2145 KIA 9th May 1915 Royal Sussex Regiment MISSING Remembered

John Harold Cortis Wareham S/2145 MISSING Le Touret Memorial, France

Wareham, John William 777702 KIA 25th April 1942 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve MISSING Remembered

John William Wareham 777702 MISSING Alamein Memorial, Egypt

Wareham, Kathleen Polly Killed in Bombing of Plymouth 29th April 1941 MISSING Remembered Civilian (Confirmation required that Kathleen is named on the memorial. It is believed Kathleen was killed alongside her sister and her two nieces and all possibly buried in a mass grave)

Kathleen Polly Wareham Plymouth County Borough, Devon

Wareham, Lawrence John (Officer) KIA 21st July 1916 Worcestershire Regiment MISSING Remembered

Lawrence John Wareham MISSING Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, Leslie George 421 KIA 28th June 1915 Machine Gun Corps Buried

Leslie George Wareham 421 Bailleul Communal Cemetery Extension, Nord, France

Wareham, Martin A/20581 KIA 4th June 1916 Canadian Infantry Buried

Martin Wareham A/20581 Railway Dugouts Military Cemetery Ypres Belgium

Wareham, Norman Edward 7936287 KIA 1st June 1942 Royal Tank Regiment R.A.C. Buried Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Libya (Photo requested)

Norman Edward Wareham 7936287 War Memorial, Fareham, Hampshire

Wareham, Orson PFC KIA 8 April 1945 Germany or Netherlands Entered service from Colorado Buried

Orson Wareham Netherlands American Cemetery and Memorial, Margraten, Eijsden-Margraten Municipality, Limburg, Netherlands

Wareham, Phillip Winston CQMSgt 3956261 KIA 18th January 1942 Welch Regiment MISSING

Phillip Winston Wareham 3956261 MISSING Alamein Memorial, Egypt

Wareham, Reginald Charles 17618 KIA 25th March 1917 Dorsetshire Regiment MISSING (Related to Alfred Wareham and Sidney Charles Wareham)

Reginald Charles Wareham 17618 MISSING Basra Memorial, Iraq

Wareham, Robert Arthur (Officer) KIA 19th August 1941 Merchant Navy MISSING Remembered

Robert Arthur Wareham MISSING Tower Hill Memorial, London

Wareham, Robert Edward P/JX677673 KIA 9th March 1945 Royal Navy Ordinary Telegraphist Buried

Robert Edward Wareham P/JX677673 Hastings Cemetery, Sussex

Wareham, Robert William KIA 27065 5th July 1916 Durham Light Infantry Buried

Robert William Wareham 27065 Abbeville Communal Cemetery, France

Wareham William Robert SX8658 KIA 18th December 1943 Australian Infantry Buried

William Robert Wareham SX8658 Port Moresby (Bomana) War Cemetery, Papua New Guinea

 Wareham, Roy Edmund 7395477 Died between 28th and 30th March 1942 Royal Army Medical Corps MISSING Remembered

Roy Edmund Wareham 7395477 MISSING Brookwood War Cemetery, Surrey

Wareham, Sidney Charles 230234 KIA 9th June 1918 Dorset Yeomanry Queens Own Buried (Related to Alfred Wareham and Reginald Charles Wareham)

Sidney Charles Wareham 230234 Jerusalem War Cemetery, Israel

Wareham, Sidney Charles 41559 KIA 12th April 1918 Suffolk Regiment MISSING Remembered

Sidney Charles Wareham 41559 MISSING Ploegsteert Memorial, Belgium

Wareham, Stanley Belben 42763 KIA 11th November 1918 Canadian Field Artillery Buried Archangel Memorial Cemetery, Russia (Photograph requested)

Wareham, Stanley Cecil 2702A KIA 30th June 1918 Australian Pioneers Buried

Stanley Cecil Wareham 2702A Crouy British Cemetery, Crouy Sur Somme, France

Wareham, Sidney John 1204189 KIA 30th January 1944 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried

Sidney John Wareham 1204189 Berlin War Cemetery

Wareham, Thomas George 15983 KIA 30th November 1917 Royal Garrison Artillery Buried

Thomas George Wareham 15983 Fins New British Cemetery, Sorel Le Grand, France

Wareham, Tom 12896 KIA 14th July 1916 Leicestershire Regiment MISSING Remembered

Tom Wareham 12896 MISSING Thiepval Memorial, France

Wareham, Thomas George William 5952724 KIA 22nd June 1944 The Queen’s Royal Regiment West Surrey Buried

Thomas George William Wareham 5952724 Bayeux War Cemetery, France

Wareham, Thomas Albert T/187189 KIA 26th April 1941 Royal Army Service Corps MISSING Remembered

Thomas Albert Wareham T/187189 MISSING Athens Memorial, Greece

Wareham, Walter D/MX63684 KIA 25th November 1941 Royal Navy Photographer MISSING Remembered

Walter Wareham D/MX63684 MISSING Lee-On-Solent Memorial, Hampshire

Wareham, William Private KIA 25 October 1854 The 11th Prince Albert’s own 0Hussars Balaklava Battlefield; Charge of the Light Brigade Buried Balaklava Battlefield Cemetery, Sevastopol, Ukraine (Photo requested)
FindaGrave Memorial ID 58963256

Wareham, William 13062 KIA 9th August 1915 Lincolnshire Regiment MISSING Remembered

William Wareham 13062 MISSING Helles Memorial, Turkey

Wareham, William 38770 KIA 29th July 1917 Northumberland Fusiliers Buried

William Wareham 38770 Abbeville Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Wareham, William T4/248668 KIA 24th July 1917 Army Service Corps Buried

William Wareham T4/248668 Gwalia Cemetery, Poperinge, Belgium

Wareham, William Elwyn Ronald 1013281 KIA 22nd September 1942 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried

William Elwyn Ronald Wareham 1013281 Middelkerke Communal Cemetery, Belgium

Wareham, William George 275764 KIA 28th March 1918 Manchester Regiment Buried

William George Wareham 275764 Hangard Communal Cemetery Extension, France

Wareham, William George 1605629 KIA 10th July 1945 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried (Photo requested)

Wareham, William Henry 63797 KIA 29th September 1918 Canterbury Regiment New Zealand Expeditionary Force Buried

William Henry Wareham 63797 Fifteen Ravine British Cemetery Villers Plouich France

Wareham, William Henry 1319125 KIA 23rd January 1944 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried

William Henry Wareham 1319125 Chelmsford (Writtle Road) Cemetery, Essex

Wareham, William Jack 1354994 KIA 8th May 1941 Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve Buried

William Jack Wareham 1354994 St Peter’s Church Graveyard, Frimley, Surrey

Wareham, William John Killed Portsmouth 27th April 1941 Remembered Portsmouth County Borough, Hampshire Civillian (Photographs required of William and Madden’s Hotel)

Wareham, William Roy Able Seaman KIA 15th March 1942 Merchant Navy MISSING Remembered

William Roy Wareham MISSING Tower Hill Memorial, London

Wareham, William Samuel 651182 KIA 13th December 1917 London Regiment – First Surrey Rifles Buried (Photo accredited to The London Memorial 1914 – 1918 website)

William Samuel Wareham 651182 Etaples Military Cemetery, France

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