The following photographs are places we have been researching and found evidence of Wareham’s/Warham’s graves or reference materials. All photos were taken by us.

Almer Church, Dorset
My Great Grandparents married here 1896
The Tower at Malshangar, Hampshire – home of Archbishop William Warham c.1450
This is the remains of Warham Manor house Osmington – the seat of the Warham family in 1595
John Warham was a Gentleman who caused problems with the locals after he purchased land there and refused them to play bowls there which lead to rioting
This is a sunken doorway to the Manor House
A view of Warham manor to the left next to St Osmund’s Church
St Michaels’s Church, Beer Hacket – Wareham family lived here 1893
St Mary’s Church, Bentley – John Wareham married here 1750
St Chad’s Church, Bishop Tatchbrook – Thomas Warham born in 1571
Blickling Hall, Norfolk – stands on the site of the former Manor House where Anne Boleyn was born
(Anne was not born at Hever Castle! that was her family home when she was young)
Archbishop William Warham’s Tomb, Canterbury
Hackington, Canterbury – William Warham died in Aug 1532 at his Nephew’s house in this village. This is only an example of an old house of that time period and highly likely to be of the same style in which William died
Chettle, Dorset – Ann Wareham was buried here 1794
St Nicholas’s Church, Arundel – John Wareham was buried here 1654
St Nicholas’s Church, Childe Okeford – Joan Wareham was buried here 1814
St Mary the Virgin, Compton Abbas – Robert Wareham was born in the village and believe he was christened here 1542
St Thomas A Beckett Church, Compton Vallence – Richard Warham buried here 1571
St Mary’s Church, Corscombe – George Wareham lived in the village 1700
St Mary’s Church, Corscombe
Crostwright, Norfolk – somewhere in this hamlet Robert De Warham and his wife Elizabeth granted this tenement to their daughter Agnes Wareham and her husband John De Holtham 1331.
Unfortunately it seems the family were wiped out by the Black Death
Croydon Minster – Here lies the Tomb of Thomas Wareham Church Carpenter as per his request in his Will in 1478.
The Tomb has been mistaken for both Hugh and Nicholas Warham
Cerne Abbas – Elizabeth Wareham buried here 1809
Exeter Cathedral – The Reverend John Warham served here after being moved from Crewkerne, Somerset. He eventually sailed on the ship ‘Mary and John’ (part of the White Sails fleet (The Mayflower) to America in 1620
St Andrew’s Church, Fontmell Magna
Stephen Wareham was born here 1636
married Amy Munke in 1661 and died
1680 believed buried in the grounds, however no gravestones of that period survive
St Wolfrida Church, Horton
Katharin Wareham buried here 1597
There are no graves of that era visible
St Mary’s Church, Iwerne Courtney
Many families lived here. Jonathan
Wareham was born 1694 and died 1718
St Mary’s Church, Iwerne Minster
Many families lived here. Emma
Wareham was born 1773 and died 1839
A house owned by a William Warham possibly either the Archbishop or the Archdeacon in the 16th Century
All Saint’s Church, Langton Long
James Wareham lived here with his family 1810. An Agricultural Labourer
St Mary’s Church, Litton Cheney
William Wareham Christened here 1748
St Mary’s Church, Long Crichel
My relation James Wareham born here 1848. Buried 1923 just to the right of the two windows.
A better view of James Wareham’s grave which is the last one on the right
St Mary’s Church, Maiden Newton
John Wareham born 1510. His WILL is dated 1599. Buried here. On investigation, a Warham family plaque used to be on display within the church and has apparently been removed for restoration or/and safe keeping. We have yet to track it down
St Leonards Church, Church Oakley
Robert Warham lived in Malshangar next to Oakley in 1430. The two Tomb Effigies are in dispute as being either Robert and his wife or his son Hugh Warham
St Andrew’s Church, Okeford Fitzpaine
James Wareham born 1823 in Hartgrove, died here 1883. See image below which is his grave

St Giles Church, Oxford
Thomas Wareham was born here 1744. He married Elizabeth in 1768. Thomas died 1810 and is buried here. However, on visiting the cemetery, it is open as a footpath with seating and there no graves for Wareham visible
St Mary’s Church, Lytchett Matravers
Samuel Wareham born here 1780 and buried 1820. There are newer Wareham graves here too
Holy Rood, Shillingstone
A key village in the research. Richard Wareham born here 1693. It was a John Wareham’s WILL in 1777 that finally broke a 17 year brick wall. He left money to his Brother Joseph Wareham of Tarrant Monkton – my direct line. Without this link i could not follow the line back in time
St Mary’s Church, Silchester
Edward Wareham lived here, born 1740 died 1815. Due to the local accent, the name has been spelt WEARHAM. There are 6 family graves in total under the large tree by the church
St Mary’s Church, Sixpenny Handley
Large number of Warehams lived here.
Sarah Wareham born 1762 died 1836 buried here
St James Church, Southampton
The church i was christened in and where my parents married 1951
St Nicholas Church, Sydling St Nicholas
Presently has living Warehams in the area
St Mary’s Church, Tarrant Gunville
Large spread of Warehams here.
Thomas Wareham born here 1745 died 1804
St Mary’s Church, Tarrant Hinton
Johannis Janae Wareham and family lived here 1665.
Note: This was the time of the Black Plague that spread across the UK. We have to determine whether any of this family survived as the town of Wareham was one of the entry points for the disease
All Saints Church, Tarrant Keyneston
My third Great Grand Uncle John Wareham married Mary Jane Belben here 1867
All Saints Church, Tarrant Monkton
As far as i can ascertain i should have approx. 60 to 80 family members buried in this churchyard. The only grave visible is my 2 x Grand Uncle Joseph Wareham born 1839 died 1894 whose grave is shown below
St Mary Magdalene Church, Thornford
Many Warehams lived here.
Joseph Wareham born 1748 is mentioned in the Militia Lists of 1757 to 1779
St Peter Ad Vincula, Tollard Royal
Thomas Wareham married Mary French in Tarrant Hinton but lived here in 1703
Tower Hill Memorial, London
Two victims remembered here
Robert Arthur Wareham died 1941 (was son of Robert Arthur Wareham who died in Titanic Disaster) and:
William Roy Wareham died 1942
Church of St Peter, Ufton Nervet.
Edward Wareham born here 1696.
There is also a line of research into Ufton Court, an old medieval house which may have been owned by Archbishop William Wareham
Warham All Saints, Norfolk.
Henry De Warham lived here in 1273.
This is a line of research developing slowly
St Mary Magdalene, Warham, Norfolk.
Only a third of a mile from All Saints
William George Wareham remembered on Weymouth Seafront Memorial
Wimborne Cemetery
I believe there are many of my family relations buried here, however on searching we only found a few. I believe my Great Grandfather and Great Great Grandfather are buried here but unable to locate where
Wimborne Minster
The Warham memorial plaque on the South Wall.
This is a key point in my family history and was central to the first of the family stories that were passed down. I have identified those mentioned and research continues
The Great Hall, Winchester.
As you enter the Hall, turn right and this is one of the windows which displays the Wareham family Crest combined with the Archbishop of Canterbury’s
St Andrew’s Church, Yetminster.
Elizabeth Wareham born here 1741