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Not sure how to do this yet 🙂

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    What have i done? – Backing up electronic copies of research files can be a simple process if you get it right. But when you get it wrong, it is soul destroying! A few days ago i undertook my monthly back of all my research files. Usually this goes without any issues, however on this occasion i messed up big time. I had both Windows open but i managed to copy some backup files to my working files instead of the other way around. I managed to notice just in time and checking on the damage done, i had overwritten my 101 Soldiers files. I am now in the process of rebuilding the files 1 by 1 and so far of the first 5 files, only 1 was damaged,
    So, the cause was probably tiredness and i have put in place some checks to ensure it will not happen again. I have also found out that in Windows 10 the Previous Versions backup was not switched on. I didn’t even know i had to turn it on!
    Hey ho – a lesson learned.

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