FamilyWareham is dedicated to researching, recording and analysing the Wareham/Warham family name, using the power of the Internet as one of the most important research and communication tools.

We have a database of information dating back to 1088 that includes 44,589 records as of 25th August 2019. Each record relates to a person with the name Wareham/Warham. The bulk of information rests between 1538 and the present day.

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Hi, I’m Chris Wareham. One of my earliest memories is when I was about 7 years old and my father explaining about our ‘large’ family that lived in Dorset.

He knew there were quite a few relatives but it wasn’t until I began my research in 1995, that it eventually became clear just how many relatives there were/are or how far back we might trace the family line.

The project is still ongoing with much to do. There are no end-game goals as such, other than to see how far can we go.

The aim is to use the database to create and maintain a ‘library’ of individuals with the name Wareham* to enable the linking of people within the database to their relative families by means of linking names, dates and locations and to make this information available to family historians where possible. This method is actually proving to work quite well indeed.

*or Warham – the name is mainly interchangeable and is due to the scripter who made the records.