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Astronomy / Astrophotography

Astronomy / Astrophotography

A lifelong hobby that has just been realised by the purchase of two semi-professional telescope setups. I hope to provide Astrophotography images as i learn the process.

The equipment is:
1. Skywatcher Explorer 300PDS 12” (305mm) Optical Tube Assembly

2. Skywatcher EQ6-R PRO GOTO Mount and Tripod (to fit Explorer 300PDS)

3. Skywatcher Startravel 150 6″ Refractor Optical Tube Assembly

4. Skywatcher EQ5 Pro GOTO Equatorial Mount & Tripod (to fit Messier AR127)

5. CCD Camera ZWO ASI385MC

6. 2 x Skywatcher Power Tanks, for use in the Field – one for each scope

Earliest photo attempts:

One of the very first attempts to photograph the moon; old Kodak Camera 35mm film; dated about 1973 from Southampton, Hampshire England. Old and fuzzy but for the time, quite good

The Moon map on the left compares nicely to my early image.

Another attempt approx. 1973 on 35mm Colour film. I think this was taken from Scarborough Beach in 1977

The last of the old photos and of the better definition images. There are 58 photos in total but these three are worth showing. In these images there are faint stars so i may be able to place the moon at the correct date if i can identify the star formations.

As Winter approaches, i will set up my new equipment and see how much improved my Astrophotography will be.

Another Moon photo; this time from 2005. With the standard type of camera used, there is not much improvement in quality; again, a 35mm camera.

Jupiter with three Moons and some faint banding. 1983. Very out of focus and taken through binoculars

Hale Bopp March 1997 near to Cassiopeia. Taken from the Downs Kingsclere. The orange tinge at the bottom is from the Sodium lights of Newbury and Basingstoke

First Light of the Skywatcher 300PDS 12″ Newtonian. Unfiltered, 10mm Eyepiece, no magnification. 12th November 2022. No adjustment to the image, it is as it was seen through the eyepiece.

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