The purpose of this section is to share the information we have found out about our family trees and to ask YOU to help.

Do you know the name: Wareham / Warham? We have gathered lots of information which is being displayed as we build the story through the presentations, but we need more information.

The Presentations will be updated as soon as we are able.

We need your help

Can you provide us with any information about Warehams? If you know, or you have known, someone with the name WAREHAM or WARHAM or any varient e.g. Whareham, or if the name has appeared somewhere you recall, please let us know. We’d like to know what you know about Warehams/Warhams; who they were or who they are and if they are still with us, would they be interested in discussing their family tree information?

As part of the ‘Wareham Project’ we have designed a database containing as at 15th August 2021 46,009 records. Each record relates to a person of the name WAREHAM and dates from circa 1086 with a Hugh Wareham (Haduidis filia Nicholai De Baschelvilla, uxor Hugonis de Varham (Warham) fillii Griponis, to almost the present day and contains research information specific to each person.

Check out the presentations which display some of the progress we have made so far. There is more information on the way but it takes time to check the validity of the data, correlate it all and prepare it for presenting, so please bear with us. We are currently working on revised presentations.

We are looking for any occasion or instance of the name Wareham/Warham or deviation in spelling. They are all important to us.

There’s the town of: Wareham in Dorset. A town named after it in America. We’ve heard about a Warham House in London and another in Guildford, Surrey. There is a Warham road in Croydon. A Wareham House in Oxfordshire. A Wareham Street that was in Hoxton, London and is on Charles Booth’s map of c.1898/9. Where else does it crop up? We’d like to hear from you.

You may think the information you have is not important; this is not the case as it may be that you hold the key to areas of our research. Please get in touch with us through the Contact us page . Thank you for your help.

Please note the Information Exchange Rule on our Policies page before submitting any request.  Also, to re-confirm – we are a non-profit research project. Thank you.

Genealogy Software

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Wareham Genealogy – Search Form

This Form is now Operational and will be tested in the coming weeks. Please complete each Field and submit your request. Please ensure you enter information accurately and with enough to enable us to conduct a search.

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